Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Sessions

I've had allot on over the Easter period and that combined with the kids being off school for over two weeks, I haven't had the most of opportunities to get out fishing much.

I've had a couple of short sessions recently trying out my new G.Loomis GL2 Jig and Worm rod which i bought for fishing medium sized soft plastics, during the few times Ive got out with it Ive been fishing 13cm soft 4plays weedless rigged. Plenty of small fish caught and i really think the rod will come into its own at different times of the year. My mate Neil also bought the same rod and we got out together one evening for a few fish and i had to laugh when Neil thought he was into a really good fish only to find out he had hooked a decent sized roach/bream hybrid through the dorsal fin. I've caught hybrids before on the fly rod and they really do fight quite well, nothing like that of a true bream which is quite sluggish.

Today I managed to get out for a bit of wading and was looking forward to it throughout the morning with it being such a nice day, it was nice to be out fishing in short sleeves for a change. I was kicking myself early on for missing what would have been two cracking trout, The first fish came flying after my bean lure and inhaled it but i was too slow to react and when i did i pulled the lure straight out. The second fish was one i saw rising, i cast beyond it and it followed the lure right in front of me, seeing me and bolting. It was quite a while before i had my first fish which came in the form of a really thumping take, only to find out it was a small out of season chub. I followed this up with a really nice looking trout.

I must have ended the session on around about 10 fish with most coming in the last hour or so, i also lost a couple of better fish off when they jumped and the lure flying out. The average size of those i did land though was quite reasonable and they were putting up a great scrap on my little 5'6" rod, I'd set my drag a little lighter in hope that less fish pulled out of the hook set, it seemed to work other than a few jumpers and it also gave the trout a little freedom to run.

Lastly over the last month I've had a few customers send me photos of fish they have caught on my lures and have given me good feedback. Its always great to know your handy work has brought someone else some joy and a few fish, makes all the tedious sanding worthwhile!

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