Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rain called off play?.......

Pah... don't think so, we is hard oop north!

It was abit uncomfortable today to say the least when the rain was coming down in sheets, along with the chilly air. I think i had about 4-5 layers on and the water got right into everyone, certainly tests your 'waterproof' clothing out.

Today I finally got on a river with my mate Mart whom I've not fished with in a long time despite having a quite frequent exchange of digital conversation with. We knew rain was forecast but the river looked fishable so we hit it early before any rain came.
Ive been wanting to get on the rivers with drop shot but just not been able to with the levels and timing etc so was happy to see the clarity was good when on the bank. Things started slow but abit of action came my way when i hooked into something close to the bank, i saw it flash about in the margin and thought it was a jack but as it surfaced i saw it was a bloody huge trout easily over 4lb, it wasn't on for very long as the hooks pulled. I wasn't expecting that and despite it being close season for trout, i can't help being abit disappointed in not getting a better look at it. I carried on and had a few small perch to a lb before it then started to lash it down. We fished back over some of the areas we had started at, and i hooked something that felt bigger, a nice perch surfaced and in a panic i got it in the net as soon as i could, a nice solid fish that made the trip worthwhile.

Excuse the miserable face, i didn't hear 'say cheese' being called...

 Mart was trying for the pike with his fly gear and wanted to switch to his drop shot gear as it was proving to be successful on the day so we decided to just fish a few more spots before getting his gear and moving to another area. In the next spot i hooked another decent fish but sadly once again it came off, i repeated casted into the area hoping it was a perch and part of a shoal. I must have had a handful of casts when something took my drop shotted panic minnow and took off. I was hoping it was a huge perch as the fight suggested if it had of been a perch it certainly wasn't going to be small.
A chub came into view and it was quite a big one too, slightly disappointed it wasn't a huge perch i was still over the moon with that.

It was now difficult to leave this area so had a few more casts and was in again, another good fish and when it surfaced it gave me that excited panic only a big perch can give you, you only really focus on the red fins and stripes and as soon as you see them you go into panic mode and never fully sure of its actual size until its on the bank.
It was a really solid built fish and i was really happy with how things were going.

We then moved area so Mart could get his gear, sadly in a way that was the end of our success for the day as the rain was coming down that hard you could literally see the river changing colour, before we knew it the conditions were far from ideal and it was evident it was pointless carrying on.

It took quite a while to warm up after spending much of the day in sodden clothes, still, its fishing and we ain't soft when it comes to fishing, nothing gets in the way of a man and his fish!

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