Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Frustrating times

Since before Christmas it has none stopped raining on and off, just as the rivers start to drop it rains again. You can have really pick your days well to get on a river and sadly that doesn't fit in with my work and life, i have to plan ahead to go fishing come what may. So Thursday i check the river level and its dropping nicely into place, same on Friday, then Friday afternoon it chucks it down just before I'm due to fish the Saturday. This happens every time and its really getting me down, even the canals are now coloured up and its the kind of colour that hangs around for ages.
So basically i was that miffed off on Saturday i chose to stay at home and get some lures finished off, more of that to come soon.
Yesterday i had the chance to fish and just stuck with a well known spot as i really needed a fish or two to keep me going through this tough time. The canal was more coloured than i have seen it recently and it showed with the fishing, i did get a few fish on my first few consecutive casts but it was quite tough going after that compared to other sessions.

A little ray of light cam not just in the form of the low lying sun that gets right in your eyes but from a nice barrel of a fish around the 2lb mark, i tried a few times to get a decent photo but the sun was playing havoc with my camera so just took a quick snap before putting it back. I was catching fish but had to really work for them and search more areas for them.

After a while it started to really dry up so i thought I'd give some Gulp Alive angleworms i bought a while ago a try. I was hoping because they was scented and small i might stand a chance of a different species as we all know fish of all species like worms. Well this was the best decision i could have made as the perch went nuts for these worms, not sure if it was the scent or not but it was like switching a feed button on.
Now some will say it is cheating using this scented biodegradable stuff that is now being used more in the lure angling scene, I think if it helps it can only be a bonus, and it still gives you the freedom that any other type does, that being not have to source and manage any kind of bait. After the switch to the angle worms my tally went up and i must have had over twenty, i could have kept going but the cold wind got the better of me and i was shivering quite violently so thought it best to call it a day. A successful session in the end that will keep me going until Saturday when i plan on crossing the border, hopefully for some huge perch.

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