Friday, 17 January 2014

Fish Arrow Flash-J

I was out yesterday trying out some new drop shot lures i have just received 'Fish Arrow 2" Flash-J', even from the first moment they popped out of the envelope i was impressed with them, all lined up in the packet like real little fish.

There is a few things i liked about them on closer inspection, straight away they looked so realistic. I love the section of flash in the belly, its a sliver of some reflective material that is inside the poured soft plastic and it kind of magnifies with the clear plastic that is around it, in the water is give us a nice flash. One of the other main things i like about this lure is the tail, it never stops moving, even while your holding it you body is transmitting vibrations into it which shows on the tail quivering away, i can see that being very seductive to a fish.
The water had some colour in it so i thought i would test the swim with a white fin-s first so that if i got a fish i knew they were there as i was concerned the fish arrow lures would not be seen so easily in the colour. After a few casts i got a perch so popped the fish arrow on. First cast and i was in, wasn't long in the water either to be honest.

From that moment onwards i never looked back the fishing was excellent, plenty of fish over 1lb and they were going crazy for the fish arrow lures. I started to think about it and was pretty sure it was the closet thing o live baiting a minnow without using a real minnow, the match of the presentation and the realistic fish seemed to get them really going. The colour was no issue what so ever.

I was lipping hooking the lures to get maximum action out of them and after what must have been over 50 fish there wasn't even much sign of wear on the lure. It was actually hard to pack up and go home but I didn't have much choice really having to do the school run.
The best fish came towards the end of the session with this fantastic looking perch pushing towards 2lb. A great session, and I'll be buying more of the fish arrow lures definitely!

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  1. Beautiful catch, and you are right, very realistic. I think I'll check them out for an inland silverside imitation.