Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lost my touch

At one point within my circle of fishing buddies it was joked about the fact that I kept catching 2lb+ perch, where ever i went. I did catch my fair share of 2's and 3's but over the last few months my halo has slipped and I don't seem to be able to find any. I keep getting close but no cigar.

I have been fishing the same areas though and have not yet been able to get to as many new venues id like and specifically target the big perch. I have quite a few venues lined up, its just the weather, constant rain and flooding rivers that is stopping me from putting my plans into action.

Anyway here's a few decent fish from today after visiting a venue I've not been to for over a year now, I might not be catching the size of fish I'd like but I'm consistently catching plenty of fish from where ever i try. And even though there not 2lbers they still put up an awesome fight. Fish arrow flash-J did the business again with over 40 fish.

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