Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tour de River

While most people in Yorkshire were stuck in traffic jams and watching power rangers on wheels go past, myself and Neil got out the way for a day on the river in't boat.
We stayed clear of our usual spots not wanting to risk the traffic coming back so headed off to somewhere out of the way of the race.

We had high hopes really as we've fished it once before and done really well, in fact up until our last session on the boat it was our best day out. So it was a little disappointing to roll up and find the river coloured. It was the kind of colour that was hard to tell whether it was too much or actually wasn't too bad, either way it would have been allot more favourable clearer.

Our worries were confirmed as we trolled quite allot of river and cast in quite allot of areas and didn't get so much as a take, they were certainly not in the mood as we both thought the colour wasn't bad enough to make it that difficult to catch.

It was a long hard day by pack up time, we managed to scrape together just short of 30 fish but allot of those came in one small area and a short spell of action, the rest of the day was taken up trying different things and trolling our balls off for the odd fish or there. It was very disappointing but still a day out on the boat and a good laugh so its never the end of the world.

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  1. You're spoiled Matt :-) I'd settle for either pike.