Saturday, 12 July 2014


I'm hardly getting out fishing much at the minute and I've that to look forward to now its the summer holidays coming up and kids will be at home all day, great!

Anyway a spur of the moment dash out on Friday to get a couple of hours in while i could, I'd actually gone to stalk some river carp on fly again which i cannot let go of at the minute until i get one. The trouble is there is always something not right, i found them feeding on Friday but they were routing in the mud and colouring the water badly so getting a visible fly in front of them was hard work, i got no interest at all so had a last minute bit of time trying to get a few pike on frogs as I'd also took a frog set up with me.

First cast out and an all mighty shovel of a head came out the water and took the frog, the fish went airborne it took it that hard but sadly spat the hook. I cast out again and i thought I'd got the fish again but it was a much smaller fish, as it came closer i could see the bigger fish chasing it and hammering it. It was a fantastic sight to see predators at work, when it wasn't trying to kill the jack it was hugging it and staying so close to it, even when i got the jack in the margin i was reluctant to chin it as the bigger pike was still trying to hit it!
The cheeky  thing then sat right in front of me not giving a dam waiting for me to return the jack! I thought i stood a chance of getting it as it was so aggressive so slipped the jack further upstream in safety. I then went back to the bigger pike and it kept flying up for my frog but turning away.

Its times like that i wish i had a go pro!

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