Monday, 28 July 2014

A week of fishing, kids and Mrs free

The rest of my family has gone away for the week as i couldn't get it off work, how terrible being left at home to go fishing all week...

I have a few longer sessions planned for mid week so thought id start my week off with a short session so i could get a good meal in me because the rest of the week is going to be full on fishing straight from work into the evening so not exactly when or what I'm going to eat!

Thought I'd have another crack at the carp but this time with a few floating flies, I tried a heavy duty foam beetle i tied first and it wasn't long before it was taken when i cast it right beside a clump of weed that a carp was feeding in. I must admit a fair bit of luck was involved as the carp turned and headed right under it. That is the most difficult part Ive found with carp fly fishing, you've really got to get it right or have a bit of luck that the carp will swim right under your fly. If you cast too close they either spook or ignore it and if you cast further away from them you have to hope they keep on that path as often they change direction. At first, even with the subsurface lures i got into a habit of constantly re casting in front of them in a panic and this just doesn't work.
As Ive mentioned before the key is finding the fish that are more stationary or actively feeding, trying to catch a steadily moving carp is hard, if they there moving at a certain speed they will not see surface flies in time to stop and rise for them.

After the fish i caught today i think the rest of them had realised something was a miss as they wouldn't take again, i had a few come up and i clenched thinking they would take but they almost took the Micky by just lipping the fly and then turning away. I got a result to keep me happy though and i love the dark wild looking colour of the fish.

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  1. Nice blogging! Not as easy as the dog biscuits, but much more rewarding as you so rightly demonstrate.