Saturday, 14 June 2014

You've gotta pick a pocket or two...

I finished for work Friday knowing i had 4 good days fishing in front of me, It will be great to get back on the rivers. Saturday was to be my first day and it had been planned for some time. I was going up in't dales to fish some pocket water with my mate Mart. He's been getting into Tenkara fly fishing which basically is a Japanese form of fly fishing using a long very light rod and a fixed line, no reel at all. The method is used to dibble the flies into pockets of water in bolder strewn rivers for little trout. Mart had come up with the idea to fish one particular area that was just like the Japanese would fish this style.
I decided on taking my longer #5 rod despite only fishing for tiny fish i thought the extra length would benefit reaching around on a short line into the pocket water similar to what Mart was going to be doing but no where near as accurate and delicate.
I'm writing this after being out all day so I'm thinking I'm going to keep it short as i have allot of planning to do tonight as i have a full 3 days solid fishing to come from Monday.
We caught quite a few fish but not as many as we would have hoped because every spot we came to looked fantastic and like it should be full of fish, but it wasn't the case we had to really search them out. All the fish caught were very small but it was all about the scenery and the type of water we was fishing, we couldn't stop snapping photos as every new corner revealed a stunning scene.
I caught a fish early on that looked different and we wondered if it was a salmon Parr, it had a forked tail and seemed longer with very pronounced Parr marks, i was about to take a photo but it flipped out of my hand, 5 minutes later i was trying to take another photo when my camera flipped out of my hand and went off downstream in the flow i had to grab it quick but it was water logged and didn't work so i had to switch to my phone, luckily later on my camera came back to life but it still needs drying out fully internally. After a few hours fishing Mart caught another of the fish id caught earlier and by now we had checked out the differences online and we knew they were indeed salmon Parr, funny really because they look exactly like brown trout but when you compare the differences they are allot different.
Anyway I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking, we didn't get many fish shots but the scenery and action shots make up for the lack of fish photos.



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