Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sand, cement and pike.

Well i didnt think id have anything to add to my blog so soon as im quite busy at the moment and not really got a lot of opportunities to get out fishing for a week or so.
I had to pop out to get some sand and cement for a job in the back garden, i went to put it in the car boot... nackers! fishing gears still in. Hold on i take that back, im not far from a river and i reckon i have about an hour to spare before picking the kids up. Fishing gear out, sand and cement in.

I thought id try out a lure i had in my bag that my mate John had bought ten of from china, they came as a clear plastic blank with a holographic strip of flash inside. He wanted me to airbrush them and seen as though they were dirt cheap said i could have half for my efforts. I'd only got round to painting the two so far but they were dead easy to paint, and id just done a couple of natural baitfish like patterns. Id chucked one in my bag the other day when i went frogging incase i got chance to try it out but forgot.

The lure worked a treat and was perfect for shallow venues, i had 3 fish in quick succession with the tidy fish below the best of the bunch. Not bad for a little unexpected hours fishing.

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