Thursday, 5 June 2014

Favouring Fluff

Recently I've been doing more fly fishing than lure fishing, and really enjoying it. Even when your not catching, the casting is just so enjoyable and addictive, you could almost say it has a therapeutic effect.
I've managed to get out over the last three days when i was supposed to be only going out Tuesday which was a planned trip, but finishing work in time on Monday and Today meant I could get out for a few short session.
So on Monday i wanted to get the pike fly gear out as Ive not fished with it for ages. I had great fun with some small pike which at times were hard to get in because they would bury into the weed and then I'd have to drag them out or drag them in with the weed as well. When they didn't dive into the weed though it was brilliant fun. I even had a tiny pikelet take my 5-6" which totally engulfed it, you couldn't even see the pikes mouth for fluff!

On the Tuesday I had planned to get out with John and properly fish for trout, hopefully on the dry but with the recent weather it wasn't happening. The river wasn't full but it was pushing through and for a well known good fishery it was quite hard work. Not only was the fishing tough but at times it was tricky standing up and i nearly went in more than once tripping or dropping into deeper holes i couldn't see because of the colour in the water.
We fished Duo most of the session and picked the odd fish up here and there but nothing near the numbers that was expected, i had getting on for twenty brownies which doesn't sound bad but this river averages allot more than that when the conditions are right and the fish are playing ball.
We had a few changes to streamer and had some good takes but not many of the better fish connected, until i got the best of the session right at the end on a streamer.

Its been three days of change with today seeing me target perch, i started off catching tiny little perch before a few better ones made an appearance and then towards the end they disappeared and it was the little guys turn again!
I'm thoroughly enjoying my fishing at the minute and it seems every session is something different from the last. I have quite a few good plans coming up with the rivers opening and can't wait to get into some fit river fish!


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