Saturday, 22 February 2014

Bad timing ONCE AGAIN!

So here we are again, yet another string of perfect fishing days go by then when I'm set to fish it rains on the hills overnight and the river floods. Its something to learn every time though so its never a total waste of time as long as your taking on board what you learn.

I was set to fish with Neil and after checking the levels through the week it was looking like it was near perfect. I checked in the morning and the level had gone up but only slightly. In hindsight this was more of a risk than i thought and I'll take that on board. The fact that the river showed a rise and i was unable to see anymore updates on the levels, there was no knowing whether or not the river would have continued to rise or not. At the minute i am trying to get my head around the rivers and the weather, its obvious to see that our climate is changing and flooding rivers are becoming more common so we have to adapt and learn more about them to get better results. This means going and having a look despite what the levels are saying.

As we had worried about when we got to the river it had clearly risen more and was tonking through. The clarity was not too bad but the trouble was the lack of slacks, even areas that should have been slacks were still abit pacey as the river was that high.

We fished anyway and the plan was to walk as far as we needed to find the slacks that would be our only hope. We walked quite a way before we found a fishy looking slack and it wasn't too long before Neil had an out of season trout on which shook the hooks. Further up the slack i had a fish swipe at the lure then as i re-cast it took again. It was another trout which was a stunning fish, I got Neil to take a quick snap before putting it back. It was evident it had spawned as it was so hollow. We then moved away from that area and remembered it for when trout are back in season!

We was struggling to find anymore slack water so decided to head further down stream, I had brought my new curado 51e to try out that i had partnered with my Volkey, this was to be a bait casting outfit for throwing 2" kopytos about amongst other light baits but for today i just wanted to try it out. I only had some 15lb power pro spare so stuck that on and clipped my lure of the moment on, a 10cm pearl white cannibal shad, sadly this is my last one and they are now discontinued.

It was evident form the first few casts that this reel was going to be perfect for what i had bought it for, it was actually casting the 7g jig head and shad a little too easy and i was having to thumb the spool to really slow it down!
I gave the set up a proper testing in the next slack when i ran the shad down the edge of a submerged bush and a pike shot out and grabbed the shad. A nice fish and again i had got a result out of the session even though the conditions were far from good.

We fished on in vain trying to get something out of the day for Neil, I even fished his swims after him just to see if it was my magic lures that were catching all the fish but nothing else showed. I'm disappointed again with the bad timing and conditions but i feel i got a result so moderately happy, just a shame we couldn't find Neil a fish as its no fun when your mates are not doing as well as yourself. It all circles round though and at some point it will be my turn to endure a run of misfortune and bad results.

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