Saturday, 21 September 2013

Through the week..

Only been out a couple of times this last week, still exploring the canals for the big perch. Ive also been building a rod out of an old rod that i used a bit this year for frogging and it really suits the purpose, my hookup conversion rate was pretty good since using it so i decided to customise it and make it better. I'll blog photos later when i get round to it.

So i went out twice this week and had some decent results, the perch are still there to be found with the odd bigger one showing. My first session produced more in the way of numbers with better sized perch, plenty up to and over a pound with the best around the 2lb mark.


 Later in the week I decided to try a spot further away, its nice catching fish where you know they will be but its just as nice to fish somewhere different and see what turns up. I started off with a bit of interest from small jacks and perch, the little pike below is a cracking little specimen i do love the micro pike!
The perch were getting abit frustrating because they were average at such a small scale they would not take the lures properly. So decided to walk on further, this proved to be a good decision as i was into a better fish from the far bank which turned out to be a nice chub. Within a few cats I had another of similar size but from abit further down so maybe it was the shoal that had moved on or just another.


It hadn't dawned on me till later than I'd done a treble so took a photo of a typical perch of the day to complete the treble properly, lovely little fish they were just not the usual stamp I'm used to!! Its always great to do a treble just for the variety and interest.

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