Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fry feeders

I consider now leading up to November to be the best time for perch on lures. The fry have grown on enough for them to be a good meal for the predators and it is now they will be making the most of this and feeding up ready for winter.
I popped out for a few hours last night to try a new spot for perch, well i say new, i have been before but not for a couple of years. The action was pretty hectic from the start with not many retrieves ending with out either a fish on or a take, all small perch to start with but great fun seeing them following in the hooked fish in huge shoals! I could have fished all day in one spot and i soon stopped counting how many i had caught because it was getting irritating remembering what number i was on, it was that good. On the other hand, as good as it is when the fishing is like that you are soon wanting more when it starts to feel a little easy.

I decided to move about more and see if i could find a shoal of better sized fish or just pick the odd bigger one up, moving away from the hectic action was difficult to do though as i started to fish areas with no activity. Eventually I found a few better fish, but it was a case of fishing through the shoals of smaller fish and getting the bigger ones worked up so they bully there way in front.

Absolutely awesome fun on the light tackle, the perch really seemed to be fighting well too. Looking forward to the next few months now with hopefully some really big fish to follow.