Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ci thi later summer...

The last week has really swung round to an autumnal feel and its the first time Ive had my coat on. the nights are drawing in, its getting cooler in a morning and evening and people are even starting to mention Christmas..NOOOO!

So what I consider to be the best time for perch is slowing ticking away and I'm not really getting out as much as I'd like due to work commitments. Hopefully next week will be a better one and work will settle down giving me abit more opportunity to get out.

Last night I took my chance and popped out for last light to see Neil and try another new spot, he got out an hour before me and text me not long after to say he had already had a 2.9lber but the sport from the small perch was really slow.

When i met him on the bank it was evident it was going to be more of a struggle than it had been the other day but that didn't phase us, to be honest you don't easy fishing all of the time. Yes it would be great to start with but it would soon leave you nothing to strive for or look forward to.
We bagged a fair few small perch but not massive numbers, then as we was nearly ready for going as it was too dark to see where your line was going on the cast i got a good take. Nothing huge but a nice perch and worthy of a photo for the blog.

So thoughts are now leaning towards what I'm going to do over the next months as winter comes into play. Still plenty of time for perch and pike on the canals, then it will be more focus on targeting big pike, and I'll also be hoping to do more nymphing for grayling this winter.
But for now, its Ci thi later summer!
Just thought I'd tag on the end of this post as I managed to wangle an hour this evening, I was sat watching the tv with the mrs and she seemed quite happy sat with her laplop playing candy crush saga. So i slipped in the question... might as well go fishing for an hour or so?
I sat thinking about where to go as i had to stay local as it was already six and starts to get dark at 7:30ish, I'd had a few perch recently so thought I'd just do something completely different. I grabbed my #9 fly rod and a box of pike flies and set off.
I was only there 10mins when i was getting swarmed by mosquitoes, it was getting to the point that if i stood still they would be all over my hands. I had a buff in my jacket pocket so put that on and pulled it over my face to try and protect it abit. It started to get really irritating as they were in my face and on my hands constantly, i was getting eaten alive and many times i would see them sucking me and they were already plump and full of blood so god knows who's or what they had been on before me. I would squash them and the blood would burst all over, id also flick them off and could see the feeding spike was still left in my hand! I was literally under attack so i ran to get away from them and back to the car, as i got there i took my buff off in the car and noticed a huge one stuck to my face, god knows how long it had been there but it was the size of a flying ant it was that full of my blood!
Sometimes the itching doesn't start straight away and often it can be up to a day later so I'm expecting the aftermath still to come.
Anyway i only managed one jack in the half hour i actually stopped for, a shame it got unbearable but at least i got a fish for the trouble. One thing about summer I will NOT miss!


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