Sunday, 10 March 2013

Penultimate river sessions

Just one week to go for the rivers closing and things haven't really gone to plan recently. I've only had a couple of short sessions due to my back being in pain. I might get out one more time next week but I'm not fully sure just yet.

So last Tuesday I headed for a small river i fish, hoping conditions would have improved as the last few times there the colour was still pretty bad. I got there to see the level was really low but the colour was still as bad. I'd been here twice before recently and the first time I had 4 takes and missed all four and the second trip resulted in a blank due to the increasing colour. I really wanted to get a fish at least as it would probably be the last time fishing it this season. It wasn't good from the offset with the colour and the fact that the best two spots were already taken, this meant allot of the water had probably already been fished and by all accounts it wasn't fishing very well, in fact nothing had been caught.
The best thing i could think of was to head away from these areas to find unfinished water. it took some time but i managed a fish before having to leave. The fish took right at my feet making me jump abit but it was very welcome, nothing special but it was a stocky fish that seemed to have quite big fins for its size which probably explained the fight it gave me.

On Friday I had a few hours on a spot I had recently found, the first time there I had allot of follows from big fish. I met up with my mate Neil and had been looking forward it all day as those fish I'd seen last time were swimming through my mind. Neil does abit of dead baiting as well as fishing the lures so we thought it would be a good time to show myself the dark arts of dead baiting. Generally I'm a lure and fly angler and bait fishing really isn't my thing but recently I have been thinking of its potential to turn a session around from time to time when things are not right for the lures.
Anyway the plan was to fish the lures down the stretch to see if the fish we there either in the form of takes or by seeing them following in. Nothing at all was showing, with only a 2 fish following in at the end of the stretch. We headed back to the first swim and had a few more casts, luckily I managed to tempt a fish albeit a small jack but it saved a blank. I took a photo as it had unusual dark black markings on its fins for a small fish.

We then changed over to dead bait rods with floats and every 20mins we would leap frog the rods to cover abit of water. It was great at first doing something different and having a sit down and a natter. The anticipation of watching the floats expecting them to move any minute was kind of fun. As time went on though it was getting abit boring and felt like nothing was going to happen, I suppose at least with lures you are physically doing something even if the fish are not showing.
It was a nice change but sadly that was it, my penultimate river session ended with a small jack.
On the lure building front I have mainly been hard at it with the ultralights still, trying to get lots finished to generate abit of extra money for a family trip away.
I've not been doing much work on the bigger baits this year yet, just a few re-finishes Ive had sat around for ages, some of which I still need to finish this next week. Below are some Mark Berrisford Big Fat Slappers that I was sent and asked to re-spray that I have just recently finnished


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