Thursday, 14 March 2013

One for sorrow, two for joy....

That dreaded day finally arrived and all morning at work I kept seeing pairs of magpies. Was it a sign of a great days fishing to come on the last day of the river season? I was hoping so but wasn't feeling confident with -5 overnight temperatures.

I didn't have long to fish so had to stay local, deciding on a spot i had tried a week or so ago and seen lots of fish there. I'd been again since and only caught a jack so thought it was worth a shot as those bigger fish might have moved back into the area.
Sadly this was not to be the case and I didn't get as much as a follow. I was in a good mood anyway despite not catching so thought I'd go for a wander to check out some new spots for summer. As i walked along the bank edge i got a flash of silver from the waters edge, It was a dead fish and at first I thought it was a chub as it was of a decent size. I netted it to have a closer look and as doing so I realised it was a huge roach! I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been in the 2lb bracket, it would have been handy sat under a float!

Time was ticking on so i went back to the car and thought I'd go check out another spot. I didn't even want to fish today to be honest but with it being the last chance to fish the rivers i was hoping I'd get a final slice of good luck and maybe land a chunk.
Not long after casting around the new spot I got a thump on the rod and the lovely feeling of a fish on, just when you think nothing is going to come of it, a fish comes from no where and surprises you. Not a big fish but a blank saver and a fish on my last session on rivers so very welcome.

I fished on and after about half an hour I got another fish to round off the session, and that was it, the end of the rivers until June.
Although in the end it was 'two for joy' it wasn't to be the last fish of the day, on the way home my taste buds gave my better side a good kicking and I couldn't get the fish shop off my mind. Fish and chips never taste better than when you get them on a whim after spending time out in the cold and wet. Obviously you have to wash them down with a can of refreshing cold full fat coke! Not something I have very often but very nice after a fishing session in the cold.

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