Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Snowy determination

I've been keeping my eye on a local canal that has been coloured now for months, and it was finally showing signs of dropping its colour. I had passed over it at the end of last week and noticed it was a green tinge that looked like it had some visibility. This made me determined to give it a go after work for a few hours before the next onslaught of bad weather came in and probably would colour it up again. Throughout the morning while I was working it was getting heavier with snow but I was still adamant i was going to get an hour in at least.

When I arrived on the bank I could see that there was a good foot and a half visibility so i fancied a fish. I set off casting around with a black and silver spinnerbait, nothing was showing at all. The snow was beginning to look like it was setting in so i thought i'd fish my way back as id not even gone too far with the canal also being frozen over in most places. Not long after turning round I had a good solid take and a lovely fight ensued from an obliging jack, this was the first pike on my Major Craft Volkey which was nice. A nice light colouration and a fatty!

A quick photo and back the fish went, i was happy with that considering and called it a day while i was winning!


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