Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Chilly chub

I really wanted to get today for a few hours as i had allot coming up and the kids are off school next week so knew I wouldn't get out much. Typically i over slept for work and had to chase my tail all day! Usually I wouldn't have bothered going with the little time i had left before the school run, but something kept telling me to go and enjoy it even if just for an hour.
On arrival at the canal I was surprised to see it very clear, usually it is coloured most of the time, could this be a bumper day with the extra clarity? My walk to the first fishing area said no as my hands were already suffering, it was absolutely freezing. I knew this would put the perch off to some degree but still fancied some fish.

casting round for awhile nothing was taking an interest to the ever faithful Kopyto. I decided to move on abit and the move proved a good one as i found a small pocket of perch between 1/2lb and a 1lb. I managed to get about 5 and had quite a few missed takes, they were being very strange hitting the kopyto really hard and then letting go. The takes soon dried up and i made another short move.
This too proved to be a good idea as not long casting about a better fish was on, I could see in the clear water flashes of silver and eventually a nice chub came to the surface, it was a really silvery chub and my first of the year.

I was struggling with the camera by now as my hands were so numb i couldn't hold the camera properly and take the photo. Happy with that result I decided to make a retreat back to the car and get the heaters on!

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