Monday, 25 February 2013

February update

Nothing has been happening for me recently fishing wise, I've had a few long tough days with nothing to show for my efforts. Ive had plenty of follows but the fish were just not up for feeding, I think its to do with getting into spawning mode.

I managed to end a run of blanks with a low double on Saturday after yet another long gruelling day on a river with plenty of big fish in, again big fish were seen following but just not taking the lures. I was fishing with one of my fishing buddies Paul, he got a nice double half way through the day but I had to wait right till the end for my reward.

I was quite tired after the long day fishing and lugging round a heavy bag all day so relaxed on the computer for abit before kicking out on the sofa, I was playing around with a photo trying to make it look interesting by cutting all colour out except that of the fish. Just wanted to see what it looked like trying to put more focus on the fish.

I've been doing more lure building this month and have been concentrating on ultralights again. I need more deep diving lures and wanted to build myself some for trolling in the warmer months. While i was at it I couldn't resist doing some shallow running lures too, perfect for the canals and shallow venues I fish.
I actually find it a great therapy, i can get abit stressed out at times with my busy life and the fact that i can lay back on the sofa and build these lures in such comfort is only a blessing.
Ive been playing with lots of things lately that Ive still not finished, what got me going again with the ultralights was the need in my collection for deep diving cranks for trolling. I also wanted these to have rattles so Ive been been working on that and have something that works really well at such a small scale. The bigger lures of the ones below are the ones for trolling with rattles, Ive not tested them in very deep water yet as Ive not had the chance. Ive also a pile of jointed deep diving cranks but these are still being worked on. Where ever i can fill a gap in my lure collection without having to buy anything is what I am aiming for, eventual diy self sufficiency! I like to think of it in the same light as fly fishing, making your own imitations and matching the hatch etc, although I'm not sure when i last saw a fluro orange headed minnow swimming down the river...

Today I was hopeful of the canal being much clearer so i chucked some gear in the work van so i could stop off after work. Sadly the canal was still very much coloured, although it is dropping out but very slowly. The main thing is the temperature, with it being so cold the pike will be hard on the bottom so any coloured water above them will make it more difficult to tempt them off the bottom. I thought i might be able to stir a few fish with spinner baits and my new ultralight lures with rattles but after fishing for a few hours it was time to go home. I switched to a savagear 13cm soft 4play for a few chucks on my way back and luckily managed to save a blank with a jack that really wanted the 4play!

I was hopeful of getting on a couple of small rivers Ive not fished at all for a few months due to the weather, but after seeing one of them today I think they wont clear in time with the river season coming to a close soon. I will give them a try but I expect it to be hard going. A shame really as i did really well on them early last year before they closed, just goes to show how each year can be so different to the last. I suppose that's what makes it interesting and after all the horrible conditions we have had for months we will really come to appreciate it when everything falls back into place.

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