Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pike Fluff

Not much fishing being done recently so i've been at the vice again, heres a few with a photo of there profile. Will be getting out tomorrow for the pike and hoping the venues will suit the fly.


  1. I've never fly fished at all and certainly not for pike but I can tell those are going to work. All you have to do is find the pike and they're bankers!

  2. Cheers Paul, i have to say its abit swings and round abouts with pike fly fishing, the drawback is where you can fish because of the casting space, obviuosly once you become an accomplished caster it will be easier in certain places than others. Wind also plays a part where as heavy jerkbaits can still be belted out with ease.
    From what ive seen from the limited time i have fly fished for pike is that they certainly go for a fly, id definaterly say they would go for a fly over a jerkbait if given the choice, infact ive witnessed it. I think the way the fly moves in the water with the materials mimics that of the real thing much more accurately, when have you ever seen a fish swim from side to side like a jerkbait lol. I also think you get a far better hook up rate with flies as they weigh next to nothing so when a fish takes it sucks in very easily, plus you don't have a hard body to get in the way of the hooks. I still love to jerkbait of course but i do love the change that fly fishing offers.

  3. If you're on the rivers, practice casting up the margins. Most of my fish are coming from there. Hard plastics can be annoying sometimes, not only is it harder to hook up I think sometimes they also have some leverage to get the hook back out.