Saturday, 18 August 2012

Catching on fluff

Last week I spent a few sessions on a small local river that i had not visited for some time due to the ongoing deluge that continues effecting the fishing conditions of most of the rivers.
I had a session early in the week enjoying some action with hollow bodied floating frogs, throughout the summer i usually spend allot of time fishing floating frogs, but this years weather has effected the weed growth that helps really bring frog fishing into action. I've not really had as much success this year and will probably not continue to do so now being at the end of summer and any real chance of prolific weed growth diminishing.

The best fish fell to a jig fly which was a nice fish and made up for a bigger one i had lost off earlier on the frogs.

Later in the week I went back to the same place to try my luck with the fly rod, I've not fished the pike fly outfit for awhile so was keen to get some practise in after spending allot of this year on the opposite scale of the fly fishing weight rating with a 6ft #3.

I worked the river up the stretch with not allot happening before switching to a slightly weighted tinsel fly and working my way back, something worked as i started to get interest in the form of takes and follows. It was either the fly that worked or the fact that i was now fishing downstream of myself, because of the wind direction I had previously been walking and casting behind myself downstream. This could have meant that because i had walked past where i was casting to, i could have made my presence known to any fish I had passed.

I manged to land about 4 fish that were all very small, but at the same time very nice little pike with nice colours and markings.

The fish below had unusual damage to it, possibly due to bad handling as the river is situated close to urbaness.

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