Wednesday, 16 October 2013

That time of year..

Yep its that time of year when it starts to get cold, wet and darker earlier. Less fishing opportunities but more time spent indoors building lures. I have a lot of ideas and new things in the pipeline so I'm really looking forward to those dark nights in.

On the fishing front, the big pike Ive had recently has left me with a real enthusiasm to get out after pike now the time is just about right. I got out on Sunday with Neil for a session on a small drain. It started off slow but things quickly improved and it was pretty much action packed. If we wasn't getting takes we was getting follows, we had about 16 pike all together but lost about the same amount again. Nothing huge, most jacks with an odd double chucked in and some high singles. the biggest fish of the day slid down the wet grass and back in before we got a photo!

It was a good day despite not catching any monsters

I'm always looking to make my own, what ever it is that i need more of. It gives me something to do, something to sell for abit of extra pocket money and i get them exactly as i want them along with the joy of making them myself. At the minute I'm full of ideas and things i want to do.

One thing i have been working on is big spinnerbaits, its proving to be a nightmare at the minute sourcing all the parts cheap enough and knowing what size i need etc. I have plans to make them double bladed eventually and experiment with all the factors that make a spinnerbait but for now i just sourced a few bits and bobs to give them a go.

I started the whole process carving the heads that i wanted to mould myself, i still have ideas to improve on these and do different designs but these were the first ones i tried.

i then set about moulding them so i could produce them in lead, below are my first tests

 Next i painted them, just gave them a basic colour as the carved detail does the rest.

 And the heads with a coating of epoxy, i still need to work on this as the detail kind of gets lost after the epoxying, i did do it with thick 5 min epoxy though, it might turn out with a thinner coat and put on a turning wheel.

Now i still haven't sourced and bought any skirts yet so to give them a go i tied them with synthetic hair and bucktail.

 I had a couple of hours fishing last night with Neil who caught the only fish of the session on one of them

Still allot to work on with what i want to end up with, the main reason being sourcing all the parts i want.


  1. Matt,
    You're really getting spoiled with the pike. :-) I would kill for action like that. My closest muskie spot is about 110 miles and closest ok pike spot maybe 100.

  2. Matt, I'm diggn these big spinner baits nice detail and colors. Very cool