Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A brief round up

I've not posted just recently as Ive had allot on, more lure building than anything that will all be on here when its finished!

I do like to post about every session i have though, if nothing more than a record for myself to look back on so i know where and what i was catching at different times of the year.

I won't go into detail about a couple of sessions i had last week, just more of a brief round up.

So last Thursday I went to fish a small drain with my mate Paul, we had a few short spells of catching and a few longer spells of not catching but between us managed 10 pike, nothing special but they all count and fun to catch. We also had a look at a new stretch that was so over grown we could not even get to the water side due to the brambles and steep banks. We managed to trample it down in some spots though and Paul a pike in 3 of the 5 swims we tried so it looks like it has potential being neglected. It does look allot deeper and really fishy, we both thought it looked like it was the kind of place to throw up a big fish or two.
I've since heard that Paul has bought a machete to take next time we go!

On Sunday i had some time to fish but wasn't too bothered about getting up early i was just going to take it as it came. I wanted to try somewhere new and thought I'd try a canal i haven't fished for a few years, and each time i have fished it has been around spawning time. I've always seen pike there but never actually winkled one out.
It was looking like it was going to be one of my bogey waters when i had tried various lures and nothing was producing. I then thought I'd try something that once worked for me on a river when i was struggling. Something abit different, that you wouldn't normally do can often get you out of trouble. So i clipped on a 6" kopyto, let it sink to the bottom and then jerked it really hard, like a long but fast sweeping jerk, then i swing the rod back round to start position and reel up the slack line while doing so, then repeat the process again. I suppose its abit like sink and draw but jerk and draw and allot faster. It certainly did the trick as i caught within a few cats and then within a few casts i was in again. i started to get follows too of a couple of better sized fish. In all i had 3 pike and missed a few others that took. i was pleased with that result from a water i had previously not caught from and id proven to myself again that doing something different can really make a difference.

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  1. Hey Matt a couple of quick out of place questions. How thick are the 2.75" jerks you made last winter and did you ever get a chance to do the video on them?