Sunday, 4 August 2013

Craziest 30mins ever...

Having just got back from Holiday down south i was rearing to get out fishing at the first chance i got. I took some gear with me on holiday as i usually do but just didn't get the chance to have a go while away as there was nothing near enough to try on the odd hour i had spare.

So this morning I rang around the parents to let them know we was home and managed to wangle a couple of hours fishing while they watched the kids. i didn't have time to go very far so just stuck local, the problem with this was all my locals were either weed choked or just not fishing well.
I decided i just wanted to catch fish and wasn't bothered about size or species so thought I'd opt for the fly rod and go try and catch some mini species. Knowing the weed choked venues i chucked a frogging outfit in the car too as a back up.

My first venue was a little river, i found some fish and had a really frustrating time getting roach and Rudd to take small bead head nymphs but none of them would stick. I managed to get a few out of water but they kept dropping off as i lifted them out. The bank was overgrown too and it was getting on my nerves untangling my fly line at my feet all the time. I decided to move to a canal and try for either perch on kopyto's or more silver fish on the flies if i saw any signs of fish. I like to carry both ultralight lure gear and a #3 fly rod as it gives me the chance to fish for most species i might come across, i like to be opportunistic when i see signs of fish.

The perch fishing didn't really produce anything and the best area i wanted to fish was already taken by a group of kids fishing.... oh joy... is this what the next 5 weeks is going to be like, until they all go back to school?

There was no sign of any fish at all so i thought I'd call it a day and walk back, as i did so i left the kopyto in the margin and walked along trolling it down the edge. I walked a fair distance from where i usually fish when i got a good tug on the line and a fish on, only a small perch but as it came closer it was followed by masses of others. I've never seen anything like it before, sure Ive had shoals following in but this was a hell of a shoal and they were hitting the kopyto from all angles. It was like watching a pack of piranha's.

I caught a few on consecutive casts, well i say casts... i was just literally dipping the kopyto in the water and they were savaging it! I thought I'd try something different and got out the #3 fly rod and tied on a small minkie fly. I had the craziest 30mins ever flicking the fly out and getting a fish on within seconds, they were all small but it was great fun. Typically i only had the 30mins left to fish when finding these fish, i must of had getting on for 50 fish in that 30mins and god knows how many id  have had if i'd had no time limitation.

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