Wednesday, 14 August 2013

An inspiring evening frogging on a dyke..

Disaster struck earlier in the week with my Mrs phoning to say her car had broke down, it was due an MOT but we knew it was going to be too much money to make it worth while. The head gasket had gone so it was good bye to that car. This meant we would be down to one car until we get her another, this in turn means with her using my car for work 6-7days of the week it would seriously hamper my fishing opportunities, add to that the fact its school holidays and the depression started to kick in.

It was a case of having to take any opportunity to get out whether it meant getting into a row or not, so yesterday i cooked her tea for when she came home and tidied up around the house.... not daft us blokes! It worked anyway as i finished my tea i let out a big sigh.... and told her as it was.

I don't often get to fish evening as other times of the day are better suited to fit in with my lifestyle so it was going to be a pleasant change. I thought I'd use the opportunity to fish a small dyke that i knew held a few small jacks, its only one foot deep in most places and never deeper than two feet so i wasn't expecting much just wanted abit of fun.

At one end of the dyke was a large patch of duckweed, perfect for frogging so i cast out and drew the frog back through the weed, it wasn't long till it was taken in a very subtle way which is odd for a frog take. The result was the smallest pike Ive ever caught on a frog!
I walked along the ditch and picked up a few more fish and was really enjoying being out fishing in the evening, I even saw a couple of Egrets which are quite rare. I think I had six pike altogether from eight takes which is also a good return for fishing weedless frogs which do not hold the best for take/fish landed ratio. I was quite surprised when i got a half decent fish of upper single size in such a small water, this is by far the smallest water I've fished before at probably less than 8 feet wide and such shallow depths as mentioned previously.

Theres something about the evening light that changes the way everything looks and i started to get inspired and couldn't stop taking photos, even the long grasses looked really interesting. I like the thought of photos telling the story so besides giving a brief account of my evenings fishing already, I'll let the photos tell the complete story.




  1. Nice photos Matt. That little guy sure had a mouthfull but he was probably easier to unhook than the nice one.


  2. I just need to say that your Jerk bait lures look amaaazing!! The colors are so fresh!
    How do you do the splatterthing in the eyes? I imagine you paint the eyes with airbrush and then put some epoxy on them but how do you do the splatter thing?

    I just started to make Jerkbaits my self. You and Solarbaits has inspired me a lot :)!
    /David from Sweden