Monday, 24 June 2013

Rainbow Perch

Just a quick update with a few things, I popped out today for a couple of hours trying for some perch. I was getting allot of nips but nothing was really sticking, I suspected it was a shoal of really small perch or just aggressive silver fish as they do sometimes nip at lures. I tried scaling down from a 2" Kopyto to a 1" kopyto along with other tiny lures but that resulted in no action at all so i thought at least i could plug away with the 2" kopyto and eventually hook one of the little beggers! It was slow going but i did manage a few along with this unusual perch that had no stripes and a rainbow trout like colouring, Ive caught them like this before. Shame we don't get bigger ones like it as its interesting having a variation.

On the building front, i have just finished a batch of snap beans, photos of which are below. I have also been tinkering with a few other things and have been getting into rod building, more of this to follow soon.


  1. Nice Beans, are these the two inchers you caught the perch on? Sweet if you did!!

  2. Thanks John, these beans are 1" and are the usual ones i catch on very effective for trout. cheers MAtt