Sunday, 9 June 2013

All trouted out...

Today i had my last trout session for awhile as i feel pretty much trouted out at the minute. Its been great and Ive had some cracking fish which have filled a gap while other venues were still waking up. I will still have the odd ultralight trout session but with the rivers due to open its time to focus on some other things. This year I really want to catch more river chub as last year was a total wash out.

So today I headed off for a few explorations on some becks with my mate Paul. The action started pretty much straight away with Paul hooking into a good lump of a trout.

The good start did not carry on really and it started to get tough with the really low crystal clear water, more often than not the fish would spook up ahead of us before we got a chance to fish for them. It was quite challenging in that respect. Paul eventually managed to tempt another good trout and this one was going on a run peeling line off Pauls reel, it gave a good scrap and even when it was nearly ready to net it was bidding one last attempt at freedom!
We fished on for quite some time without tempting anymore fish, they seemed more spookier than previous visits maybe on account of it being later into the season and coming into contact with more people. In the end we decided to cut our losses and head for another spot, this stream i had in mind was more over grown with canopy and had more flowing pools than flat sections. I thought the fact that the moving water and cover would help hide our presence more.
The plan worked well and first few casts i had nips and following fish, i was just about to go on past this particular pool when Paul decided to have one more cast. A huge trout came up and took the lure right in front of me, it shot past me towards Paul who was now enjoying the battle, it looked to be a really big fish but unluckily the hooks pulled just before it was ready for the net... Paul was more than a little bit upset about losing that one!
By now we were picking fish up from most pools and if not we were seeing them or getting plucks and takes so it was getting better, they were of a smaller stamp but still great fun. Eventually Paul found a slightly better one, which added to the other two he had earlier in the day and the big one he lost, he was having a great day. Myself on the other hand wasn't doing as well, I was catching and enjoying it but I was hoping for a good fish just to top it off.

Towards the end of the session we reached a heavily wooded area and enjoyed quite a number of fish just from a few pools, they were really stacked into these areas. Again it was difficult to leave as we wanted 'just one more each' over and over again, and there is always that excitement of seeing whats round the next corner.
Some cracking fish for Paul, and the fish below probably my biggest, with really big spots. A shame I didn't get a 'proper un' but it was fun and plenty of fish caught by both.


  1. Fantastic fish guys - and you can't be disappointed with fish of that quality Matt!
    A bit of water in those streams will really switch them on.

  2. Thanks Paul, I've been spoilt over the last few months, thats why i was slightly dissapointed i didnt get a really big one. T'other Paul kept stealing all the best swims lol