Saturday, 20 April 2013

Just what i needed..

Things are still pretty slow at getting going but you have to keep going out and sussing what the conditions are like. I've not fished much recently so was looking forward to getting out and yesterday i had a short session for perch on the kopyto's. Nothing was showing at all, things were still dead on the perch front, but just when i needed a spot of luck i managed to tempt just the one fish and it turned out to be a cracking fish. I didn't end up weighing the fish as it was very thin and looked like it had just spawned, it had a big frame and was one of the longest perch I have caught but just presumed it to be a spawned out 3lber. Then as time went on i wondered what it might have weighed when fully solid! I was happy with that result despite not catching anything else.

Today was a last minute decision as i supposed to be going out with the family but my mother phoned to say she would go out with the Mrs and i might as well go fishing. I wasn't going to argue so thought id use the time to go explore more of the little stream i had found a few weeks ago.
Its one of my favourite forms of fishing, small light fly rod and a jungle to fish in, i also like fishing very small waters like the little overgrown stream i was fishing.
I wasn't wading long before i spotted a few fish spook, i looked ahead in the slightly cloudy water and thought i saw a fishes tail moving, i took another step forward and it was a fish, a bloody huge trout as well! Probably in the 3-4lb bracket, i wondered if it was a sea trout as it was slightly bluish on the back and looked very light coloured, although trout do differ from venue to venue and the few fish i have had from here have all been on the silvery side.
I followed in the direction that the fish moved off but never saw it again, I then came to a nice pool with a foam run and knew i had a good chance of a fish. A few casts and edging very slowly forward trying not to spook the fish and the dry fly slide away, something had taken the suspended nymph. A fish was on and i enjoyed a lovely fight from this trout, probably the longest Ive ever fought a trout, it just kept going! Finally in the net, it was a solid really well conditioned fish, no wonder it gave a good scrap.

I kept wading and fishing as i went and missed a few fish along the way, i also saw allot of fish and also chub, the trouble was getting to them without spooking them. Even just wading the water was making a wobble which would go for quite a distance in front of me and i think this alerted the fish as i kept seeing puffs of silt and a bubble stream where something had bolted.
I reached another good pool with moving surface water which meant i could get close without the trout seeing me, second cast and the dry slid away at speed, i lifted into the fish and it looked a good one, bigger than my first. It bolted straight for my legs so i had to raise the rod as high as i could to keep in contact with the fish, in doing so i put the rod tip in a bush which caught the line, the fish then pulled against this and snapped off. I'd have loved to have gotten that one in!
I'd been wading now for some time and had probably covered a long distance so i didn't want to go much further before heading back so i decided on two more pools. The first pool didn't produce anything and i didn't even see any fish spook, that wasn't until i stepped into the pool and a fish shot out and cleared the top of the pool in the very shallow water, it was so shallow the fishes back was slightly out the water, again it was another huge trout of 3-4lb! I started to think about the prospect of hooking one of these some day and then i thought about my chances of actually landing it.....slim i thought!
finally at the last pool and i saw a trout right on the edge of it i cast over it but before the flies reached this fish another trout came up from below and took the dry fly, as quick as it took it, it spat it out as i was lifting! oh well, another few casts and i got another fish on. It was nice to finish the session with another fish, although I'd liked to have caught more. I wasn't disappointed at all though as I'd seen lots of fish and some big ones too, the trouble I'd had was spooking the fish so I'll have to give that more thought for my next visit.

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