Thursday, 25 April 2013

Building Momentum

I managed to get out yesterday on a local canal that has been coloured for months now, its only just showing signs of coming back to life. I've only just recently started fishing abit more regulary and I feel I'm starting to build momentum now as the fishing slowly improves. I wouldn't say i was quite 'on a roll' but Ive enjoyed some good fishing, and a few nice fish over the last few weeks and the blanks seem like a distant memory. The fishing won't be on top form until we get some consistently warm weather but it is warming up and venues are showing signs of life.

On the canal I thought I'd go for my ultralight baitcaster outfit and just treated the few hours fishing as a bit of fun. I didn't go out expecting much, just a fish or two to keep things rolling along would do nicely.
After about half an hour I had my first take, but like a wally i missed it out of not concentrating! never mind i thought, at least there was a chance of a fish in the coloured water. Not long after missing that take and i had another, this time i was ready and struck into it, I could see the spinner bait blade flashing as the small pike shot from side to side. It was great to see a pike, feels like a while since Ive targeted them.

I carried on walking slowly and casting as i went, basically just searching the water, I felt my spinnerbait wasn't fishing in the right depth as it would either catch bottom if i slowed it down, or it would be too high in the water if i fished it slow. A quick change to one of my ultralight lures with a rattle inside and another fish was on, again a small pike. The action started to hot up a little and i was soon on a tally of 5 micro pike, great fun!

On the lure building front, I'm building another set of the bean type lures at the minute and have just finished a batch of small cranks. I tried out variations of the tiger pattern technique, one ended up looking like flames, very effective. I also tried to do something more natural by layering more natural colours, this turned out ok too.


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