Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A new Year begins

As much as i love Christmas I'm always glad when its out the way and I'm back into a routine. Family stuff and kids being off school make it difficult for me to get out and to be honest if theres any time to give fishing a little rest and spend more time with the family its at Christmas.

I was glad to get out in the new year anyway after not really getting out much at all in the past 4-5weeks, maybe just a handful of times. Monday was to be a half days fishing even though the kids were not back at school until today.
You cannot beat that feeling of a fish on knowing its your first of the year and the start of hopefully another good one. I managed 3 pike in difficult conditions so i was really pleased with that, a couple of low doubles and a jack to start me off was brilliant. All fish caught on my 7" shad too, still unable to put them down.

I wasn't going to fish today but with rain forecast for the rest of the week I thought I'd make the most of that small window we seem to get allot of at the minute. usually it times wrong and rivers come up just before your due to fish.
The conditions were not great with only 6" visibility but this was a fresh year and i hadn't been out much so i wasn't going to let my confidence wain over clarity. It was just about getting out again and chucking some lures. I did OK in the end with 5 fish and a couple of misses, even better when i bumped into some deadbaiters and a couple of lure anglers who had all caught zilch!

A new year off the mark and i have so many plans this year so allot to look forward to but for now I'm just enjoying a bit more consistent fishing time. Happy New Year.... (sick of hearing that now)

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