Monday, 24 November 2014

A good un

I've done my blog for that long now i struggle to come up with new titles for Posts these days. Popped out today for a short drop shot session, its that time of year now where it excels over other methods and its great when you just need to bag a few fish. Its one method that i actually don't mind catching minute fish on, in fact it kind of gets my heart going when i get a really tiny bite and then lift into what feels like a minnow, the reason for that is because i really want to catch a ruffe and every time i get i tiny perch I'm hoping that's what it is. The water was quite badly coloured today and it had been an over night frost so i didn't expect to do brilliant, i just expected to bag a few little perch down the margins and around structure. I had a steady session with the highlight being a lump of a perch. Most lures worked but my favourite at the minute is the lake fork Live
baby shads, love the smell of them too!


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