Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Blank Saver

Finally things are falling into place with the rivers, shame its so close to them closing for the season! Yesterday the river i fished looked in excellent condition, very clear and lowest Ive seen it for some time, i thought i was going to have a brilliant day. I fished for a few miles fishing every bit of slack i could find and no fish were showing at all, not even a follow. I decided it was time to go and thought I'd fish the first few pegs i started on as a last chance thing. After walking all the way back and reaching the first swim i cast out and as i was retrieving a 10cm cannibal shad down the side of a bush a big fish ghosted into sight behind the lure right under my feet, it was moving reasonably slow but the last foot it accelerated and took the lure. It came straight to the surface and shook its head in what looked like slow motion which the bigger sized pike tend to do. It looked a big fish and was hard to call whether or not i was looking at a twenty, maybe not but i couldn't rule it out, sadly it spat the hooks with its last head shake! I was gutted after walking so far and not getting any other action what so ever.
I moved to the next swim hoping to rest the first and come back to it, after about three casts i was in again from another nice fish all be it allot smaller than the first but it was still a decent fish not to blank with. After returning that fish i had another few casts and had a follow from a slightly bigger fish which ended the action for the day.

The interesting thing was I'd fished all these swims when i started, and I'd tried a few different lures but when i returned i had a cannibal shad on. These lures are catching me so many fish, i know its a confidence thing and most likely coincidence but Ive purposefully avoided using them the last two sessions and then giving in and clipping one on for it to catch straight away. Whatever the reason I'm not complaining!

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