Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Chasing a result.

Sometimes i think fishing is a bit like gambling, when your winning everything is fine, but when your losing you have to keep at it to get your fix, like chasing your money when your losing it!
I've had some shocking sessions over the last few months and really only had a couple of half decent results, its now at the point that I'm reluctant to go try as things just don't seem to improve, or I'm not sure i can take being defeated again. Bloody winter!!
It should be a good time of year for pike but when I'm targeting pike I'm struggling, yet seem to do better with the perch which is odd as they have usually disappeared by now.

Coming back to the gambling analogy, today i had to get out fishing again to make amends for yesterdays disaster! I had gone to a small river to target pike and on arrival found it very coloured. Come to think of it this was my second session in a week Ive targeted pike on little rivers and struggled. I decided to have a bash anyway and it wasn't long before i got a follow on a savagear real eel which perked me up and made me feel like i had a chance. It didn't improve and i only had two takes in total, one from a 2-3lb perch which surprised me when it took the spinnerbait right at my feet, it was only lightly hooked and after thrashing about it came off!! That's the first perch I'd seen on that river so was more than a bit gutted. I fished on and got a pike on a spinnerbait, it was just about to come into view so i could get a good look at it, but my spinnerbait came flying out the boil as the fish tore off. I went home in a bit of a bad mood and felt the need to get out today to try and just get my fix, basically i just wanted to catch!

I took my converted baitcaster out for a test targeting the perch this time. It was shockingly cold and actually very uncomfortable so i only managed a couple of hours before taking my crippled hands home. In short, i got my fix managing around 20-25 perch which was great fun on the little baitcaster, i even had a few good sized fish to test it out properly.
It was a case of inching soft plastics along the bottom to get a take which is actually quite good fun as its very much visual watching the rod tip and seeing it tapping when a fish had picked up the bait. The rod showed this indication very well along with being about to feel the slightest knock quite easily too.

So for now I'm happy again and feel i don't need to rush out and fish as Ive just caught, once that wears off though I'll probably be back to square one and chasing a result! Roll on spring already....

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