Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Too hot for fishing...

I just got back from a short session for pike on weedless hollow bodied frogs. I wanted to check out a small river to see if it had bank access and whether or not it had weeded over, which would make it perfect for surface frog fishing.

It was ridiculously hot and i made the stupid mistake of leaving my drink in the car because id just grabbed a 2litre bottle of water in a rush on my way out. Not wanting to carry it i left it behind. I walked about 3 miles up the river casting the frogs about and it wasn't until i started to walk back that i realised my mistake. It was now mid day and the sun at its highest and hottest. My mouth was dry and I was sweating buckets. the closer i got to my car the further away it looked, i could see the mirage of heat billowing off the roof when i eventually got closer. Each step seemed to be slower than the last, all i wanted was a drink.....

Finally back at the car, Ive never appreciated a drink of water so much in all my life and i supped a full litre without even taking a breath, i only stopped as i feared for drowning! I poured a few glugs over my head and i felt allot better. I had just past a big shoal of fish including lots of perch but i just didn't feel like fishing anymore, I'd had enough! not often i can truly say I've had enough but this was one of them, it was just too hot to carry on.

As far as the fishing went there wasn't allot of action but enough to keep me happy, i think i had 8 takes on the frogs all together, landing 3 and just loosing the biggest off at the net as i had to reached over the margins to get to it because of all the weed, it wasn't anything special but would have been nice to have got it. Nothing special photo wise i really just rushed a couple of snaps for the blog and got the fish back asap with the heat.

Just look at that sky, it could have been Australia!

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